Sample of Typical Flooring We Do

The following are actual pictures of floors being used today. They're great to look at and walk on. And, also provide a good indication to what to expect with Tricolor Flooring design and install services. Our owner and founder Ian Martin has personally installed or supervised the installation of literally tens of hundreds of floors in his career serving customers in both Europe and North America. Tricolor Flooring guarantees your floor is designed and installed to your specifications with our old world superior craftsmanship. Please take a moment to review the terrific artisan results displayed below. Ian Martin, Master Craftsman, has earned a reputation for providing world class service you didn't expect to receive locally in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Brighten up your life by changing the decor of your home. Please call us on (813) 645-1201 for an appointment to discuss your plans and ideas and what we can do together to create the flooring you want - it will be a pleasure serving you.